Client Services

To our clients, we’re more
than just a placement agency.

When you have a job opening, many placement agencies can help you find bodies. We’ll help you find qualified candidates that will match the job and your organization, perfectly.

In addition to the requirements of the position you seek to fill, we strive to thoroughly understand both your business strategy and culture.

Our personalized approach to working with our candidates ensures that you’ll be presented with qualified professionals who have been pre-screened and checked for references, background, salary requirements and career objectives.

More importantly, our understanding of your needs will enable us to present candidates who we believe will be receptive to what you offer and highly successful in your corporate culture.

Thomas Byrne Associates has enjoyed nearly 30 years of success in meeting the financial and accounting staffing needs of a wide range of companies throughout the Northeast. We offer outstanding service, complete confidentiality, and an extensive network of highly qualified candidates. It’s no wonder, then, that our clients regard us as more than just a placement agency.