Conforming to the 2019 Pay Equity Act- What Steps Can You Take?

by Thomas Byrne Associates | January 5, 2023

Connecticut is making great strides to diminish the gender pay gap and increase workplace equality.  As of January 2019, Connecticut employers are prohibited from inquiring (or directing a third party to inquire) about a prospective employee’s salary history.  The goal of The Pay Equity Act is to prevent women from being compensated based on their previous job’s potentially inequitable wages.  Should employers not comply with the new law, they face compensatory damages, attorney fees and costs and punitive damages.

Here are a few tips for avoiding a legal challenge:
  • Educate and train company employees to understand and comply with the new law.
  • Revise employment applications. Remove any section that requests salary information.
  • Alter hiring scripts used during interviews. Remove questions surrounding salary history. Instead, only inquire about salary expectations.
  • Inform your prospective hires that you are aware of and adhering to the new law.
  • Choose a well-informed recruitment agency that stays current with evolving laws.

The Pay Equity Act urges employers to use a value-based analysis of compensation versus salary history to determine fair wages.  Employers now utilize market data to make fair salary determinations.

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