Words to Interview By

by Thomas Byrne Associates | January 5, 2023

words-to-interview-by-main-imagePeople naturally adapt and conform to situations and the way we present ourselves floats with circumstance. How we communicate with friends versus the boss is an example. These days, a growing lack of formality is tripping up early in career interviewees. Has a golden rule been forgotten or perhaps never learned? An interview is a situation where your language-style awareness should be on high alert and the proper formality should be maintained throughout. This formality includes demonstrating preparation, body language, dress and appearance, and of course language. Today we focus on language with some key don’ts.

Lingo to avoid;

  • Slang/curse words – Seems obvious right? You bet your…. however, we have heard too many times from clients that improper language was used during interviews.  You will never know that’s why you were disqualified.
  • “Literally” – Don’t even. The word is often misused and abused and adds no value to your point – always avoid.
  • Fancy Diction – Using words outside your normal content is not only unimpressive, it is also risky. You can show your intelligence through clarity of thought and message, not by using the word of the day.
  • “Um, uh, like, ya know” – Try a pause instead of these placeholders. I once asked the worst “ya know” user I’ve interviewed to speak to me for three paragraphs without using it.  He could not get past two sentences without tons of practice at home.  The before and after communication quality of just that change alone was remarkable.  Be sure to hear yourself – practice – tape record sample replies – get these annoying habits out of your language.
  • “I don’t remember” – Look, I’m old and therefore allowed not to remember.  You are looking for a job – you better remember.  Or at least explain how you are going to follow up with the data that seems to have stumped you.  You don’t remember your GPA, or your salary and bonus or what systems you’ve mastered, or how many people you supervised?  Prepared folks always remember or always follow up.  Be that person.

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